Uncross the Stars

Uncross the Stars BoPaul

“Uncross the Stars” (HD, 2008)

Starring Oscar nominee and Emmy Award winner Barbara Hershey and Golden Globe winner Ron Perlman, the film centers on a young man Troy Harper (played by Daniel Gillies, “Spider-Man 2” and “The Sensation of Sight”) who loses his wife and does not know how to go on.  The new, bawdy friends he makes at his aunt’s retirement community help him discover how to grieve, live life and love. Hershey (“Black Swan,” “Hoosiers”) plays the aunt who rescues young Troy and Perlman (“Hellboy” movies, “Alien: Resurrection”) plays her gruff ex-boyfriend and now retired cop who finds redemption through helping Troy overcome his grief, find purpose, and discover his wife’s mysterious wish that “he uncross the stars.”