She is Good Business


Manolo is a humble shoeshine and singer that has a beautiful girlfriend, Pepa. Both want to marry, but she has to support her family, and with what they earn between the two, they can not afford to. Manolo’s friend convinces him to start a donkey-taxi business, for tourists who want to make excursions to the scenic spots of the Costa del Sol.  Manolo and his friend decide to talk to Alma Campeche, owner of the animals for sale. The problem is that Alma becomes infatuated with Manolo from the moment she meets him, doing everything possible to keep him by her side, even to make him believe she is expecting his child. Moreover, Pepa, who has long been unable to see Manolo, also pretends to be pregnant.  Once Manolo’s career as a singer takes hold, leaving the business side of the donkey-taxis, Alma tries to hold him back with the delusion that she expects his child.


Year:  1976

Genre:  Comedy, Spanish

Director:  Valerio Lazarov

Actors:  Manolo Escobar, Iris Chacon