Scream of Stone (‘Le Cri De La Roche’)

Scream of Stone

Starring Donald Sutherland and directed by Werner Herzog

Scream of Stone is a 1991 film directed by Werner Herzog about a climbing expedition on Cerro Torre. The film was shot on location at Cerro Torre, with several scenes filmed close to the summit.

The script was written principally by longtime Herzog production designer Walter Saxer, based on an idea from mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who Herzog had worked with in his documentary The Dark Glow of the Mountains.

A meeting of two world famous climbers, one is an experienced mountaineer the other a free climber, and a journalist results in a bet on which of the two is the best climber. Roger (the mountaineering expert) states that Martin (the free climber) wouldn’t survive a day on a ‘real’ climbing expedition, although he is the world’s best free climber.

They plan to climb ‘El Toro’, Pantagonia, South America, a very difficult mountain, especially due to the extreme weather conditions. The rivalry among the two men results eventually in the death of their common friend and the stealing of Roger’s girlfriend (Katrina) by Martin.

In the end the rivalry results in a ‘climb against time’ in which Martin and Roger both climb a side of the mountain to reach the top first. But they’re in for a surprise… The movie contains more ‘back to the real world’ climbing scenes than your average cliffhanger-movie.
Climbers involved include Hans Kammerlander and Stefan Glowacz.