Men Lie

Men Lie


Featuring well-known actors Frank Vincent, Garry Pastore, Tony Sirico, Michael Imperioli, and Aida Turturro (all of whom played starring roles in “The Sopranos” series), Men Lie is a film about “Two-timing men, and the women that despise them.”

The film follows a young twenty something named Scott as he cheats on his girlfriend Jill with numerous women, all the while his “sexploits”, as well as relationships in general, are examined by both men and women as the story progresses, each sex blaming the other for life’s dating problems.  Tutored in the art of “two timing” by his misogynistic Uncle Frank, Scott continues to cheat and lie to both Jill and family alike.  One day he is finally caught with another woman by Jill after a round of tennis, causing him to come begging her to take him back, only for her to catch him again with the same woman, destroying his relationship and reputation forever.

When all is said and done, Scott admits his wrongdoing, all based on his idolizing Uncle Frank, who in the end turns out to be a worse con man than Scott had ever been; falling into financial ruin due to tax evasion and fraud.

Written and directed by John Gallagher (The Deli 1997), the film is a great social commentary on modern relationships in the 90’s.  Men Lie has been selected for two dozen film festivals, and given many international awards including Best Independent Feature at Worldfest Houston, Best Feature and Audience Award at the Florida Film Festival, and Best Comedy at the Charleston Film Festival, to name a few.

Frank Vincent

Appeared before the camera for the first time in the low budget Death Collector (1975), played the insolent Salvi in Raging Bull (1980), as the character of made man Billy Batts in Goodfellas (1990) and as Frank Marino in Casino (1995).

Michael Imperioli

Worked as a regular in Spike Lee’s movies, appearing in Jungle Fever (1991), Malcolm X (1992), Clockers (1995), Girl 6 (1996) and Summer of Sam (1999), generally playing working-class Italian-Americans from the “outer boroughs.”

Aida Turturro

Appeared in three feature films: Angie (1994), Fallen (1998) and Romance & Cigarettes (2005), and has co-starred in a 1992 Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Nicholas Turturro

Starred in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989), Mo’ Better Blues (1990) , Jungle Fever (1991) and Malcolm X (1992).

Tony Sirico

Got a part in the film Crazy Joe (1974) which led to him obtaining a Screen Actors Guild card.  In Goodfellas (1990), he played a mobster named Tony who reports to a boss named Paulie.