Cannibal Killers – Human Beast

Cannibal Killers Human Beast

(HD, Spanish only)

Bruno (Paul Naschy) is a Spanish mercenary who has been hired by a Japanese criminal organisation to aide them in a diamond robbery – he was tracked down by Mieko, sister of the group’s leader Taro and she falls in love with him, soon announcing that she is carrying their child. The robbery is successul, but Bruno turns on the gang and gunning down two of them, flees with the diamonds. Mieko and her brother follow Bruno back to Spain where they corner him, but Taro is killed in a shootout that leaves Bruno badly injured – he manages to evade Mieko and is taken to the house of Don Simón to recover. However he finds that his nightmare has just begun as ghostly visions, black gloved killers and the ever persuing Mieko make the house a dangerous place to stay…