Television Programs

“Mussolini: The Untold Story” (7 x 60′, HD, 1985).

Starring Academy Award-winner George C. Scott as Benito Mussolini. Telecast on NBC in U.S. in November 1985 and in more than 100 countries. The balanced story spans “Il Duce’s” beginnings in 1922 when he gathered power through his Black Shirt militia in Italy and winds its way through his many military and political accomplishments and failures. Unlike other filmed accounts of the man, this version equally focuses on him as a dedicated husband, devoted father, and passionate lover. It ends with his and his mistress’ demise at the hands of an angry mob on a roadside near Milan in 1945. Also stars Academy Award-winner Lee Grant, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Raul Julia, Gabriel Byrne, Robert Downey, Jr., and Virginia Madsen as his mistress. The script was written by Stirling Silliphant (Academy Award for “In the Heat of the Night”) and directed by Billy Graham (“21 Hours Over Munich”).

“The Miracle Worker” (1 x 90′, SD, 1979).

Starring Patty Duke Astin as Annie Sullivan and Melissa Gilbert (“Little House on the Prairie”) as her pupil Helen Keller. Telecast on NBC, it won an Emmy Award for best movie of 1979. The original theatrical film starred Duke as Helen Keller, the blind, deaf mute child whose world was as savage as it was pitiful; she won the Academy Award for that performance. This production’s teleplay is by William Gibson and based on his classic play “The Miracle Worker”. Both the play and the two films have been shown in virtually every country of the world.

“Miss America: Behind the Crown” (1 x 90′, SD, 1992).

This is a look behind the Miss America crown of Carolyn Sapp, playing herself in the story of her abusive relationship with a professional football player. The subject matter is very much relevant to today’s epidemic of similar treatment of women by athletes and other celebrities in the U.S. Telecast originally in 1992 on NBC in the U.S.

Arrow Films

(UK Feature Films)

“Mrs. Caldicot’s Cabbage War” 2002 (SD, 110 Minutes) Comedy/drama. After the death of her bullying husband, downtrodden housewife reforms the Twilight Years Rest Home where she has been exiled by her money- grabbing son. Stars Pauline Collins (“Shirley Valentine”), John Alderton, Paul Freeman. (Canada TV rights sold – recently broadcast to rave reviews on TV Ontario).  Directed by Ian Sharp

“Al’s Lads” 2002 (SD, 120 Minutes), Drama. Three Englishmen working as cruise ship waiters in 1927 are given chance to work for Chicago mobster Al Capone. Stars Marc Warren, Kirsty Mitchell, Peter Pedrero and Richard Roundtree (“Shaft”).  Released in U.S. as “Capone’s Boys” in 2002.  Directed by Richard Standeven

“Arthur’s Dyke” 2001 (SD, 103 Minutes) Charming comedy set in Welsh countryside. Twenty years later, three men vow to repeat longest walk of their lives, now joined by 40-year-old wife/mother in mid-life crisis and, together, encountering mistresses-du-jour, philandering, death, brawling soldiers, and other revelations. Stars Pauline Quirke (ITV soap opera “Emmerdale” thru 2012, “David Copperfield,” 1999), Brian Conley, Robert Daws, Richard Graham.  Directed by Gerry Poulson

“Endgame” 2001 (SD, 109 Minutes) Thriller. A young man with a troubled past finds himself sucked into a seedy underworld where sex is currency.  He finds his way back to normalcy before his dreams are shattered once more.  Stars Mark McGann, John Benfield, Daniel Newman, Corey Johnson, Toni Barry. Directed by Gary Wicks

“Alone” 2002 (SD, 110 Minutes) Thriller. Two police inspectors investigate the murder of a young woman found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home. Meanwhile, a psychiatric patient develops a fixation with a woman who lives alone, taking secret photographs of her, sending her bizarre love notes and eventually breaking into her house. Stars John Shrapnel, Miriam Margolyes, Laurel Holloman.  Directed by Phil Claydon

BoPaul Library Feature Films

“Hellraiser IV: Bloodline” 1995 (SD, 86 Minutes)   A 22nd century scientist tries to reverse the Lament Configuation. 1996 US theatrically released 4th film in the famed Clive Barker franchise by Miramax.  Stars Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, Doug Bradley and directed by Kevin Yagher

“Men Lie” 1994 (SD, 90 Minutes, NTSC only). Award-winning New York Italian-American romantic comedy about the delicious, deceitful battle of the sexes. Stars Frank Vincent, Michael Imperioli, Aida Turturo. (“The Sopranos”).  Directed by John A. Gallagher

“Hercules Returns” 1993 (SD, 82 minutes) Unhappy and frustrated working for his country’s largest cinema chain, film buff Brad McBain (David Argue, “Gallipoli’s”) decides to go it alone and set up his own old-style cinema, the revamped Picture Palace, featuring classic old films.  Stars David Argue, Michael Carman, Mary Coustas and directed by David Parker.

“Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan” 2012 (HD, 90 Minutes) The remarkable career of the movie industry’s most admired and influential special-effects auteur, the legendary Ray Harryhausen, is the subject of Gilles Penso’s definitive documentary Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan. Leaving no doubt as to Harryhausen’s seminal influence on modern-day special effects, the documentary features enlightening and entertaining interviews with the man himself, Randy Cook, Peter Jackson, Nick Park, Phil Tippet, Terry Gilliam, Dennis Muren, John Landis, Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and many more. (Post-production; available worldwide in HD)  Directed by Gilles Penso.

“Game of Seduction” (Une Femme Fidele) 1976 (SD, 89 Minutes) Charles is wealthy, a French venture capitalist in the 1830s; he’s also an aristocratic assassin, prompting duels for political, monetary, and sexual gain. At his aunt’s, he meets Madame Mathilde LeRoi, a virtuous and beautiful woman, and he determines to seduce her. Along the way, his lust and game playing give way to love.  Stars Sylvia Kristel, Nathalie Delon, Jon Finch and directed by Roger Vadim

“Scream of Stone” 1991 (SD, 105 Minutes) Scream of Stone is a 1991 film directed by Werner Herzog about a climbing expedition on Cerro Torre. The film was shot on location at Cerro Torre, with several scenes filmed close to the summit.  Stars Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Mathilda May, Stefan Glowacz,  Donald Sutherland and directed by Werner Herzog

“Blood and Sand” 1987 (SD, 113 Minutes) Starring a ravishing Sharon Stone in a memorable pre-”Basic Instinct” vamp role. A despondent Gallardo runs away and meets Lady Dona Sol (played by Stone), a beautiful, rich lady, who offers him a job to work her fields.  Stars Christopher Rydell, Sharon Stone, Ana Torrent and directed by Javier Elorrieta

The Man with Bogart’s Face” 1980 (SD, 106 min) A man with a fixation on Humphrey Bogart gets plastic surgery to make him look exactly like Bogart. Then he changes his name to Sam Marlowe (after Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe, two of Bogart’s most famous characters), hires a ditzy blonde secretary, and opens up a detective agency. His first case is one that would do Bogie proud. Stars Franco Nero, Misty Rowe, Michelle Phillips, Sybil Danning, Victor Buono, Robert Sacchi and directed by Robert Day

Victory Films Library

(U.S., European Features)

“The Wild Geese” 1978 (HD, 133 Minutes) One of the all-time classic action films. Crack paratroopers – former Special Forces – reunite to free a man who can alter Africa’s destiny. Stars Richard Burton, Richard Harris & Roger Moore and directed by Andres McLaglen.  (UK production, theatrical release U.S., rest of world 1980.)

“Ashanti” 1979 (HD, 118 Minutes) A doctor searches wild African plains for his kidnapped, enslaved wife. Stars Michael Caine, Peter Ustinov, Omar Sharif, William Holden (UK production; US theatrical & world release 1980)  Directed by Richard Fleischer

“Zulu Dawn” 1979 (HD, 113 Minutes) The true epic story recounting the British defeat of the Zulu army in 1879 Africa. Stars Burt Lancaster, Bob Hoskins, Peter O’Toole. (UK production; US theatrical & world release 1980)  Directed by Douglas Hickox

“Jaguar Lives!“ 1979 (HD, 91 Minutes) World’s deadliest secret agents track their equally deadly enemies.  A Kung-fu hero chases after drug dealers. Stars Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasance, John Huston (US Production) Directed by Ernest Pintoff

“Game for Vultures“ 1979 (HD, 113 Minutes) An international crime thriller set in South Africa wherein two men from opposite worlds collide in a conflict of ideals and government. Stars Richard Harris, Joan Collins, Ray Milland (UK production)  Directed by James Fargo

“Freedom Road” 1979 (Re-Mastered SD, 186 Minutes) True story of ex-slave Gideon Jackson who is elected to the US Senate. Stars Muhammad Ali in his only dramatic film role, Kris Kristofferson and directed by Czechoslovakia’s Jan Kadar (Released in US & worldwide as a TV movie/mini-series by Worldvision in 1979/80)

“Goya” 1971 (SD, 126 Minutes) True story of the great artist Goya’s life of plentitude and suffering in Spain. Nominated 1971 Cannes Film Festival’s Golden Palm Award Best Director, Nino Quevedo.    Stars Francisco Robal, Irina Demick (Spain production)

“Simon Bolivar” 1969 (SD, 106 Minutes) Academy Award-winner Maximilian Schell (“Judgment at Nuremberg”) as Simon Bolivar, who in 1817’s Venezuela, unites revolutionaries to defeat the Spanish army, freeing Venezuela and inspiring all South American freedom fighters.  Also stars Rosanno Schiaffino, Francisco Robal and directed by Alessandro Blasetti.  (Spain production; Sold Venezuela.)

“The Dog” (aka “El Perro”) 1977 (SD, 114 Minutes) Political prisoner in a South American dictatorship escapes and is pursued by a bloodthirsty dog. Stars Jason Miller, Lea Massari (Spain production) Directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi

The Paul Naschy Classic Collection

“Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll” 1974 (HD, 89 Minutes) ExCon encounters vengeful women from his past    Stars Paul Naschy, Diana Lorys. English sound.  Directed by Carlos Aured

Dracula’s Great Love1973 (HD) Dracula’s daughter returns with non-vampire guests. Stars Paul Naschy, Rossana Yani. English sound.

“Exorcism” 1975 (HD, 90 Minutes) A young woman participates unknowingly in a Satanic ritual. Stars Paul Naschy, Maria Perschy, María Kosty.    English sound.  Directed by Juan Bosch

Horror Rises from the Tomb 1973 (HD, 88 Minutes) Dead tortured soul seeking revenge. Stars Paul Naschy, Emma Cohen, Víctor Alcázar.    English sound.  Directed by Carlos Aured

“Human Beasts” 1980 (HD, 88 Minutes, Spanish) An African woman turns to a cannibalistic killer. Stars Paul Naschy, Julie Saly, Eiko Nagashima, Lautaro Murúa.    English sound.  Directed by Paul Naschy

Night of the Werewolf, The 1981 (HD, 92 Minutes) A werewolf’s curse strikes in a remote village. Stars Paul Naschy, Julia Saly, Silvia Aguilar. English sound.

“Vengeance of the Zombies, The” 1973 (HD, 90 Minutes) Indian mystic raises women from the dead. Stars Paul Naschy, Romy, Mirta Miller.    Director Leon Klimovsky.    English sound.

Werewolf and the Yeti, The 1975 (HD, 87 Minutes) Capturing cannibalistic demon nymphets.    Stars Paul Naschy, Mercedes Molina, Silvia Solar, Grace Mills.    English sound. Directed by Miguel Iglesias.

The Hunchback of the Morgue 1973 (HD, 87 Minutes). Stars Paul Naschy, Rossana Yani, Víctor Alcázar.    English sound.   Directed by Javier Aguirre.

The Devil’s Possessed 1974 (HD, 95 Minutes). Stars Paul Naschy, Graciela Nilson, Norma Sebre. Director Leon Klimovsky, Guillermo Bredeston. English sound.

A Dragonfly for Each Corpse1974 (HD, 85 Minutes). Stars Paul Naschy, Erika Blanc, León Klimovsky, Ángel Aranda. English sound.

Other Classic Horror Film

“The Loreley’s Grasp“ 1974 (HD, 85 Minutes) A monster story based in Germany. Stars Tony Kendall, Helga Line, Amando de Ossorio and add Silvia Tortosa.

Night of the Sorcerers, The 1973 (HD, 80 Minutes) Scientists head to Africa and encounter vampires.  Stars Simón Andreu, Kali Hansa, María Kosty and Directed by Amando de Ossorio.

John Scheinfeld Television Series

(US/Canada rights not available)

“Heaven” 2012 (1 x 45 minutes, SD; 1 x 90’ HD 1080) From the dawn of time, human beings have dreamed of Heaven, thirsted for Heaven, even killed for Heaven.  Shot around world with believers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism; from Turkey to Thailand, from Azerbaijan to India to America. The TV version debuted on National Geographic’s U.S. channel. (TV & Theatrical versions on Digi Beta NTSC; Available worldwide.) Directed by John Scheinfeld

“Mysteries” 2002-2003 (SD, 5 x 60 Minutes) A documentary series separating truth from fiction that has captivated people around the world for centuries.  Testimony from the world’s most charismatic, entertaining scientists, historians and crime investigators. Debuted on U.S. Learning Channel.  Titles: “Mysteries of Easter Island”, “Mysteries of Noah & The Flood”, “Mysteries of Tomb of Jesus”, “Mysteries of the Sphinx”, and “Mysteries of the Stonehenge”.  Directed by John Scheinfeld.

Jose Frade Films

“Blood And Sand” 1987 (SD, 113 Minutes) “Blood and Sand” stars a ravishing Sharon Stone in a memorable pre-”Basic Instinct” vamp role. A despondent Gallardo runs away and meets Lady Dona Sol (played by Stone), a beautiful, rich lady, who offers him a job to work her fields. However, Gallardo insists on becoming a superstar in bull fighting in his country. Turmoil and tragedy ensue as the triangle unfolds… Stars Sharon Stone, Christopher Rydell, and Ana Torrent.  Directed by Javier Elorrieta.

“Panthers Eat the Rich” 1969 (SD, 83 Minutes) – Spanish Title:  “Las aventuras de Los Parchís”  – In order to access a more important position in the company where he works, Don José, an independently wealthy bachelor, must get rid of his lover.  But he soon regrets such a hasty decision and finds that without her he can not live.  Stars Fernando Fernán Gómez, Gracita Morales, Manolo Gómez Bur and directed by Ramón Fernández.

“The Great Adventure Of Parchis” 1982 (SD, 90 Minutes) Spanish Title: “Las aventuras de Los Parchís”  – On a trip to Argentina and Brazil the Parchis boys get lost in the jungle.  A member of the group; David is held by an Indian tribe and is considered a god by the natives of the area.  The rest of the boys will have to manage to save their friend and return to the city.  Stars Constantino Fernández ‘Tino’, Francisco Díaz ‘Frank’, David Muñoz  and Directed by Mario Sábato.

“She is Good Business” 1976 (SD, 107 Minutes) Spanish Title: LA MUJER ES UN BUEN NEGOCIO  – Manolo is a humble shoeshine and singer that has a beautiful girlfriend, Pepa. Both want to marry, but she has to support her family, and with what they earn between the two, they can not afford to.   Stars Manolo Escobar, Iris Chacón, Antonio Garisa and directed by Valerio Lazarov.

“The Marriage Revolution” 1974 (SD, 87 Minutes)  Spanish Title: LA REVOLUCION MATRIMONIAL – In this Spanish comedy, a man who grows curious about his wife’s daytime activities discovers that she is a prostitute in her spare time. Instead of having conniptions, he falls in love with her all over again.  Stars Analía Gadé, José Luis López Vázquez, Ismael Merlo and directed by  José Antonio Nieves Conde.

“The Roosters of Dawn” 1971 (SD, 97 Minutes)  Spanish Title: LOS GALLOS DE LA MADRUGADA  – This Spanish-language detective story investigates the death of a lovely young woman (Conchita Velasco). The film begins with the discovery of her body on a beach in southern Spain. A vagrant tinker (Fernando Fernan Gomez) who is implicated in her death investigates it alongside the police. Also suspected are a local fisherman (Alfredo Mayo) and his son, whom the deceased had been living with. Through flashbacks we discover that the fisherman and his son had some jealous conflicts because of her. Perhaps she was the lover of both of them.  Stars Concha Velasco, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Alfredo Mayo and directed by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia

“The Guerrillas” 1963 (SD, 82 Minutes)  Spanish Title: LOS GUERRILLEROS  – In 1808 during the war of independence, after sacking the city of Cordoba, an Army detachment commanded by Colonel Napoleon Tenardier, is headed towards the town of Andújar to join General Dupont there in order to defeat the troops of General Brown.  They will go through the small town of Montoro and organize a trap for the French, feigning great hospitality, and organizing in his honor a bullfight.  Stars José Cuadros, Rafael Durán, Manolo Escobar and directed by Pedro Luis Ramírez

“The Vexing Cid” 1983 (SD,84 min) Spanish Title: EL CID CABREADOR Genre: Comedy – In the time of the King Ferdinand of Castile, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar “El Cid”, is in love with the daughter of the Count of Oviedo, Jimena.  But the Count of Oviedo, her father, challenges him to a duel and is killed.  Before dying, he curses the Cid: that if he marries Jimena, he will lose his masculine qualities. As a result, when the Cid marries, he becomes effeminate. The king’s sister, Doña Urraca, kidnaps and seduces him, and Rodrigo gains the strength to become the  “Cid Cabreador”, regaining his manhood. Stars Ángel Cristo, Carmen Maura, Manolo Gómez Bur and directed by Angelino Fons

Melvin Simon Films

Somebody Killed Her Husband 1978 (HD, 97 min) A woman’s husband is murdered and she and her lover must find the killer or stand accused of doing it themselves.  Stars Jeff Bridges, John Glover, Farrah Fawcett Majors, Tammy Grimes, John Wood, Patricia Elliott and directed by Lamont Johnson

Wolf Lake” 1980 (SD, 88 min) (aka Honor Guard) The story follows a group of men traveling to a duck hunt in the Northwest. One of them, Charlie, is hoping to travel and forget the grief he has over his son’s death in Vietnam. When he learns a young member of his party, David, is a deserter, Charlie goes berserk and hunts David.  Stars Rod Steiger, David Huffman, Jerry Hardin, Richard Herd, Paul Mantee, Robin Mattson and directed by Burt Kennedy

Dominique 1979 (SD, 100 min) A millionaire who has recently lost his wife starts believing that he is being haunted by her spirit.  Stars Simon Ward, Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Ron Moody, Jenny Agutter, Judy Geeson and directed by Michael Anderson

Cloud Dancer” 1980 (SD, 104 min) Fictionalized account of a competition aerobatic pilot.  Stars Joseph Bottoms, David Carradine, Coleen Camp, Jennifer O´Neill, Albert Salmi, Salome Jens and directed by Barry Alexander Brown

Chu-Chu and Philly Flash” 1981 (SD, 92 min) Flash used to be a talented baseball player but he took to drinking and now he sells stolen watches in the streets. One day he meets Chu Chu who, before falling into alcoholism like him, was a successful entertainer. Luck seems to smile at them the day they find stolen government documents forgotten some place. They decide to return them to their legal owners but instead of the expected reward money all the retribution they get is a whole lot of trouble.  Stars Jack Warden, Alan Arkin, Carol Burnett, Adam Arkin, Barbara Dana, Danny Aiello and directed by David Lowell Rich

Zorro, The Gay Blade 1981 (HD, 93 min) Mexico, 1840s. When the new Spanish Governor begins to grind the peasants under his heel, wealthy landowner Don Diego Vega follows in his late father’s footsteps and becomes Zorro, the masked man in black with a sword who rights wrongs and becomes a folk hero to the people of Mexico.  Stars George Hamilton, James Booth, Brenda Vaccaro, Ron Leibman, Lauren Hutton, Donovan Scott and directed by Peter Medak

When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder” 1979 (SD, 118 min)  Marjoe Gortner plays a drug dealer whose car breaks down in a small U.S. town. In turn, the town’s people become victim to his unique brand of physical and mental torture.   Stars Pat Hingle, Peter Firth, Marjoe Gortner, Lee Grant, Hal Linden, Candy Clark and directed by Milton Katselas

When a Stranger Calls 1979 (SD, 97 min) A psychopathic killer terrorizes a babysitter, then returns seven years later to menace her again.  Stars Charles Durning, Carol Kane, Collen Dewhurst, Tony Beckley, Rutanya Alda, Carmen Argenziano and directed by Fred Walton

The Runner Stumbles” 1979 (SD, 109 min)  Father Rivard is a priest in a small, economically depressed coal mining town. Working on what he thinks is a “controversial” work, he lives with the brutal lives of his poor parishioners, the old, unfriendly nuns in the nearby convent, and his own self doubts. When Rita, an energetic, young Sister, arrives at the parish, he finds someone he can talk to, someone with whom he has much in common. This sets into motion a series of events that leads to Sister Rita’s death – and the indictment of Father Rivard in that act.  Stars Beau Bridges, Maureen Stapleton, Dick Van Dyke, Kathleen Quinlan, Tammy Grimes, Ray Bolger and directed by Stanley Kramer

My Bodyguard” 1980 (HD, 102 min) When a boy comes to a new school and gets harassed by a bully, he acquires the services of the school’s most feared kid as a bodyguard.  Stars Martin Mull, Ruth Gordon, Chris  Makepeace, Matt Dillon, Adam Baldwin, John Houseman and directed by Tony Bill

Porky’s” 1982 (HD, 94 min) Set in 1954, a group of Florida high schoolers seek out to help a buddy lose his virginity, which leads them to seek revenge on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for harassing them.  Stars Kaki Hunter, Nancy Parsons, Alex Karras, Susan Clark, Kim Cattrall, Scott Colomby and directed by Bob Clark

Porky’s Revenge” 1985 (HD, 92 min) As graduation nears for the class of 1955 at Angel Beach High, the gang once again faces off against their old enemy, Porky, who wants them to throw the school’s championship basketball game because he’s betting on the opposing team.  Stars Kaki Hunter, Scott Colomby, Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios, Mark Herrier and directed by James Komack

Porky’s II: The Next Day 1983 (HD, 98 min) The naughty high schoolers of Angel Beach High now seek revenge on a group of KKK religious fanatics and corrupt politicians who want to shut down their Shakespeare production after they cast a Seminole transfer student in the lead.   Stars Kaki Hunter, Scott Colomby, Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios, Mark Herrier and directed by Bob Clark

The Stunt Man (HD, 131 min) A fugitive stumbles on a movie set just when they need a new stunt man, takes the job as a way to hide out, and falls for the leading lady.  Stars Peter O´Toole, Steve Railsback, Allen Garfield, Barbara Hershey, Alex Rocco, Sharon Farrell and directed by Richard Rush

Seven” (HD, 100 min) A government agent discovers a plot by a cartel of seven gangsters to take over the state of Hawaii. He hires a team of seven hitmen to stop them.  Stars William Smith, Barbara Leigh, Guich Koock, Art Metrano, Martin Kove, Ed Parker and directed by Andy Sidaris

Scavenger Hunt (SD, 116 min) To inherit a fortune, various addressees of a will must compete in a wild scavenger hunt to collect selected items, but cannot be simply bought.  Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Roddy McDowall, Robert Morley, Tony Randall, Dirk Benedict, James Coco, Richard Benjamin and directed by Michael Schultz

Ovidio Assonitis Library

Beyond The Door” 1974 (99 min)  Jessica Barrett is a young mother in San Francisco. Her family and friends begin to notice odd behavior around the time she falls pregnant with her third child. As the strangeness intensifies, Jessica begins to display signs of demonic possession including spinning her head all the way around and projectile vomiting. Dimitri, a lover from her past, shows up claiming to be able to help her, but it turns out he is in league with the entity possessing her, and is aiding the birth of her child, now said to be the Antichrist, in exchange for the thing saving his life years before.  Stars Juliet Mills, Gabriele Lavia, Richard Johnson, Elisabeth Turner, Nino Segurini, and directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis, Robert Barrett

Red Riding Hood” 2003 (92 min) Jenny is a twelve-year-old girl who lives alone in Rome, together with her friend George, a mysterious man with a wolf mask, she kills morally bankrupt people – thieves, liars, cheaters. One day her grandmother, a stage actress, comes to visit her and wants to take her back to New York. The girl must take drastic measures: First, the grandmother is tied up to bed … and then the tortures begin!  Stars Kathleen Archebald, Robert Purvis, Susanna Satta, Justine Powell, Antonella Salvucci, Remo Remotti, Iaon Gunn and directed by James K Cimini

The Visitor” 1979 (108 min) Wealthy Atlanta basketball team owner Raymond Armstead (Lance Henrikson) is dating widow Barbara Collins (Joanne Nail) and seemingly in love with her, but he is really on assignment for a mysterious syndicate of rich men trying to gain power through the evil manipulation of a genetic alien force that is carried in Barbara’s womb.  An older man appears from another world (John Houston) and intervenes as the force of good that this power potentially has, trying to stop Katie from using her powers for evil and to take her back to a place where the goodness of children can thrive. Stars Paige Conner, Mel Ferrer, John Huston, Glenn Ford, Sam Peckinpah, Shelley Winters, Lance Henriksen, Franco Nero, Jack Dorsey, Steve Somers, Hsio Ho Chao, JA Townsend, Johnny Popwell, Lou Walker, Calvin Embry, Weal Bortz, Walter Gordon, Betty Turner and directed by Michael J. Paradise

Last Concert(Dedicato A Una Stella) 1976 (94 min) Love story of a young woman Stella who is dying of leukemia. A man who is mistakenly taken as a family member at a hospital and is informed by a doctor the diagnosis of Stella. Stella cheerfully follows the man. He is reluctant at first but after some shaky moments it develops into a relationship. The two fall in love in the short period of time left to experience. Stars Richard Johnson, Pamela Villoresi, Maria Antonietta Beluzzi, Francesco D’Adda, Mauro Curi, Lucia D’Elia, Giorgio Gargiullo, Leonardo Della Giovanna, Daniela Lattaiolli, Riccardo Cucciolla, and directed by Luigi Cozzi

Rollerboy” 1981 (98 min) A naive young man from a small Oregon town travels to the big city–in this case San Francisco–to pursue his dream. He has to learn how to cope with the culture shock encountered in the move from small, rural Oregon to big–and bizarre–urban California.  Stars Steve Tracy, Eddie Deezen, Isabel Sanford, Paul Benedict, Christopher Lee, Dana Handler, Linda Hoy and directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis

Amok Train” 1989 (94 min) A shy co-ed and her class mates travel to Europe to see a ritual. With a Satanist/Professor with them he lures them into deadly traps to become sacrifices to Satan. One co-ed is a virgin; the main key to bring Satan back to life. But can the co-ed lose her virginity before Satan controls the world?  Stars William Geiger, Savina Gersak, Mary Kohnert, Igor Pervic, Renee Rancourt, Bo Svenson, Alex Vitale, Victoria Zinny, Ron Williams, Sarah Conway Ciminera and directed by Jeff Kwitny

The Bite” 1988 (98 min) Chilling suspense and eye-popping special effects set the terrifying tone for the nightmarish horror-thriller Curse II The Bite. Two young lovers, Clark (J. Eddie Peck) and Lisa (Jill Schoelen), travelling through the desert unwittingly pass through an abandoned nuclear test-site which has become a breeding ground for deadly mutant killer snakes, and when Clark is bitten he undergoes a grotesque transformation into a hideous snake monster! Stars Jill Schoelen, J. Eddie Peck, Jamie Farr, Savina Gersak, Marianne Muellerleile. and directed by Frederico Prosperi (as Fred Goodwin)

VCI Films

“The Brave One” 1956 (100 min, HD) A young Mexican boy tirelessly tries to save his pet bull from death at the hands of a celebrated matador. Winner of Academy Award for Best Story. Written by Dalton Trumbo. Starring Michael Ray, directed by Irving Rapper. Go to Vimeo link to see HD clip of movie (

2 Little Monsters2013 (107 min, HD)  Suspense  James and Carl were only ten-years old when they kidnapped and murdered three-year old David McClendon. They were caught, tried, convicted and placed in separate juvenile facilities. At eighteen-years old, both are given new names and released back into society, much to the horror of the nation. The story follows the lives of these two boys as they try to start over, escape the past and survive the growing outcry following their release. Stars Charles Cantrell, Ryan LeBoeuf, Danny Countess, Adam Kilbourn, directed by David Schmoeller

“Thor at the Bus Stop” 2012 (100 min, HD) Comedy  Take a fantastic journey through a suburban neighborhood, with the Norse god of lightning, as he starts a chain reaction of interweaving story lines packed with colorful characters, a “Pulp Fiction” vibe! Stars Joe Berry, Robert Shupe, Barrett Applegate, Chris McInroy, directed by Jerry Thompson & Mike Thompson

“Overtime” 2011 (81 min, HD) Horror  Former WWE superstar Al Snow stars in this action-packed zombie-alien comedy that gives new meaning to working late. Stars Al Snow, John Wells, Sebrina Siegel, directed by Brian Cunningham & Matt Niehoff

“Where Was God?” 2014 (89 min, HD) Drama This story follows several families and individuals who recount the timeline of destruction wrought by the May 2013, EF5 tornado that ripped through Moore, OK. These are their stories of hope after the storm. Stars Micah Brown, Rhett Burnett, directed by Travis Palmer